DJ Craze’s ‘Tablism’: A Masterclass in Turntablism Culture

DJ Craze’s latest DJ routine video, ‘Tablism,’ emerges not just as a showcase of unmatched skill but as a profound homage to the art and culture of turntablism. With ‘Tablism,’ the five-time DMC World DJ Champion reaffirms his status as a pillar of the DJ community, blending nostalgia with innovation in a performance that captivates both purists and newcomers to the turntable scene.

A Testament to Timeless Skill

Craze’s journey through the realms of scratch battles and performances has been nothing short of legendary. ‘Tablism’ serves as a reminder of his enduring relevance in a constantly evolving music landscape. This latest routine encapsulates the essence of turntablism, blending intricate scratch patterns, beat juggling, and a selection of tracks that span genres, all while maintaining a narrative flow that is as compelling as it is masterful.

Innovation Within Tradition

What sets ‘Tablism’ apart is not just Craze’s technical prowess but his ability to innovate within the framework of traditional turntablism. By incorporating modern beats and electronic elements into his routine, Craze bridges the gap between the foundational aspects of DJing and contemporary musical trends. This fusion underscores the limitless potential of turntablism as an art form, encouraging aspiring DJs to explore and expand their creative boundaries.

A Love Letter to Turntablist Culture

At its core, ‘Tablism’ is a love letter to turntablist culture, celebrating the community, competition, and camaraderie that define it. Craze’s performance is a tribute to the pioneers of turntablism as well as an invitation to the next generation of DJs to engage with and contribute to this vibrant culture. Through ‘Tablism,’ Craze communicates his deep respect for the discipline and dedication required to excel in turntablism, offering inspiration to those who view the turntable not just as an instrument but as a canvas for artistic expression.

Elevating the Art of DJing

DJ Craze’s ‘Tablism’ elevates the art of DJing, showcasing the turntable as an instrument capable of producing music that resonates on an emotional level. His routine is a testament to the power of turntablism to tell stories, evoke feelings, and create connections, transcending the technical aspects to touch the hearts of listeners. In a world where digital music production has become increasingly accessible, ‘Tablism’ reminds us of the irreplaceable value of human touch and creativity in music.

A Call to Action for Aspiring DJs

Beyond its artistic merits, ‘Tablism’ serves as a call to action for aspiring DJs to dive deep into the craft of turntablism. By demonstrating the depth of skill and creativity possible with turntables, Craze challenges the next generation to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. ‘Tablism’ is not just a performance; it’s an invitation to explore, experiment, and express oneself through the turntables.


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