Old & In the Way: Historic Live Performance at Sonoma State

Old & In the Way‘s performance at Sonoma State on November 4th, 1973, stands as a seminal moment in bluegrass history, one that has been immortalized through a recording captured in an unconventional yet fascinating manner. The live performance, now celebrated over half a century later, offers a rare glimpse into the raw, unfiltered essence of a band that played a pivotal role in the evolution of bluegrass music during the 1970s. The gig, recorded with a Tandberg reel-to-reel tape recorder operated by music photographer Ed Perlstein, serves not only as a testament to the enduring legacy of Old & In the Way but also as a personal memento for those who were present, including myself.

The ensemble, featuring the legendary talents of Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements, and John Kahn, delivered a performance that transcended the traditional boundaries of bluegrass. Their setlist, a blend of classic bluegrass standards and original compositions, captured the innovative spirit of the band. Old & In the Way’s unique sound, characterized by its blend of traditional bluegrass instrumentation with elements of folk and rock, was in full display at Sonoma State, leaving an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to witness it live.

This recording, hidden from the mainstream for decades, has now been brought to light, offering fans and music historians alike a precious artifact from a bygone era. The audio quality, given the recording’s method and age, surprisingly holds a certain warmth and intimacy, allowing listeners to feel as though they are right there in the crowd, absorbing the electric atmosphere of the performance.

The significance of this live recording goes beyond its historical value; it serves as a bridge connecting past and present generations of bluegrass enthusiasts. It showcases the band’s profound influence on the genre, illustrating how Old & In the Way pushed the boundaries of bluegrass, making it accessible and appealing to a broader audience. Their performance at Sonoma State is a powerful reminder of the band’s legacy, its members’ exceptional musicianship, and their collective impact on American music history.

This recording not only immortalizes a significant performance by one of bluegrass music’s most influential bands but also underscores the importance of preserving live music as a means of understanding cultural and musical history. As listeners today, we’re offered a window into a moment when five musicians at the peak of their creativity came together to create something truly extraordinary. The story behind the recording, involving Perlstein’s Tandberg reel-to-reel tape recorder, adds an intriguing layer to the legend of Old & In the Way, enriching our appreciation for the lengths fans and artists alike will go to preserve the magic of live music.


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